The Only Constant is Change

Colegio Interamericano sees technology as the means, not the end. We are always trying to improve the integration of technology with curriculum.

In addition to integrated technology, we also offer tech-focused courses including programming, multimedia classes, and office applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Our multimedia classes cover desktop publishing, digital photography and graphics editing, video editing, and web design.

The school has over 230 networked computers and a high-speed dedicated connection to the Internet, along with wireless access for mobile computers. Our multimedia lab includes ten iMac multimedia stations, a color laser printer, five digital video cameras, and five full-manual professional digital cameras.

Administrative and educational applications utilize our Windows Server 2000 architecture and SQL Server 2000 databases.

As we opened with, there is always a new change right around the corner. We are in the process of upgrading our firewall and content filtering solutions to promote network use in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. In the next year we will be replacing 70 computers and donating the replaced computers to local schools and charities.