An Environment of Discovery

Colegio Interamericano of Guatemala offers an academic program in which students are challenged to reason critically and apply what they have learned in a variety of academic and personal situations. Accredited by both the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in the United States, the school’s educational program is designed to provide an exemplary learning environment for Pre-school (age 4) to grade 12 students. In grades K-12, all students must perform acceptably in both Spanish and English language classes, with the ultimate goal of bilingual competency in speaking, reading, and writing.

While college preparation is the assumption underlying the delivery of all subject areas at Interamericano, students with alternative post-high school plans are also encouraged and nurtured. For students and staff alike, the school seeks to inculcate the critical habits of mind necessary to maintain a lifelong quest for knowledge.

The school’s curriculum is divided into 4 distinct levels, overseen by 3 principals: Elementary (including Pre-Kinder and Kinder), Middle School, and High School. A recent revision of the curriculum and scope & sequence documents has resulted in a well-articulated program of studies.

A highly qualified staff of local Guatemalan teachers as well as a large number of foreign hires (primarily from the USA and Canada) deliver the instructional program, and many possess advanced degrees. All teachers are allowed regular professional development opportunities, including those to which they must travel outside Guatemala.

A key resource through which the school meets the needs of its individual students is its counseling department. The school has three counselors, one for each major division. At the high school level, counselors also provide students with extensive university application assistance.

Graduates of Colegio Interamericano, many of whom enter the school at the PreK and Kindergarten levels, are accepted into prestigious colleges and universities in Guatemala and the United States. The level of college preparedness is high, as students take both the SAT’s and the Guatemalan college entrance examinations.