Learn About Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country with rich history and plenty of things to do and see. Like any major city, it is safe in some parts and not safe in others, but overall most of the over 40 Interamericano staff who have relocated from the US and Canada to teach here enjoy a very secure lifestyle.

Below you can learn a little bit about the country through other websites that many of us used. You can also get a feel from Jeff's Photo Tour, where Jeff wrote about his first time in a Aatin American country, and some of the trips he has taken on weekends.

Guatemalan Tourism www.visitguatemala.com
Pictures www.guate360.com
Local News www.prensalibre.com
Maps and Tourism www.lonelyplanet.com
Government www.guatemala.gob.gt
Weather www.weather.com
Nightlife guatemala.2night.com