Admission Policies

The school has specific admission policies. It uses a battery of tests for examining all applying children, particularly in the areas of English and Math. These test results, along with previous grades and recommendations guide the Admissions Committee decisions on the acceptance. A critical factor involved is whether or not there is available space in the grade level for which the child is applying.

Another factor in admitting students is the Guatemalan Ministry of Education (MINEDUC).

Transfer students who have been attending schools outside Guatemala prior to applying with the school must demonstrate acceptable examination results and grades. Their transcripts must also comply with the requirements of the MINEDUC.

To view PDF files, you need to download the common Adobe Acrobat Reader application.

Application for Admission (Englsih) (PDF)
Solicitud De Inscripción (Español) (PDF)

Reccomendation Form (PDF)

Contact our Admissions Officer, Gabriela Jimenez, with any questions you might have.

Phone: (502) 2385-7088, Ext. 108 (7:15 AM - 12:00 PM)




Welcome Letter from Admissions Application Packet


Enclosed you will find the information and forms necessaries to apply for admission at Colegio Interamericano.

We will appreciate that you read attentively which are the documents that the school requires to take your application into consideration. The documents mentioned are noted on the upper part of the application. We will be able to consider your application only after receiving all the documents. Generally, the school has waiting lists for all grades, especially for PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade.

Colegio Interamericano’s school year begins in September and runs until the end of June. According to its mission and standards, the school reserves the right to accept or decline any application for enrollment.

The steps in the admission process are as follows:

1. Fill in the application for enrollment and attach all the documents required.
2. The Admissions Office will review the application, and if it is complete and we see no immediate difficulties, the office will get in touch with you for scheduling admission’s exam. Normally, the admission exams are scheduled between February and May prior to the entry year.
3. If you are called for the admissions exam, you will have to bring your son/daughter to the school at the given date and time, and pay the cost of the exam.
4. In some cases, the student and family may be required to interview with the Principal of the level to which they have applied.
5. The Admission’s Committee will review the application and the results of the evaluations and recommendations if applicable. You will be informed of the decision within the next two weeks by telephone and in writing.
6. If your son/daughter is accepted and you wish to enroll him/her after receiving our letter of acceptance, you must complete the admission’s process by doing these final activities:
a. Deliver all documentation required, including the signed Agreement with Colegio Interamericano.
b. Pay the enrollment fee to the school, and the School Support Fee to the Fundacion Educativa.

Every Wednesday, at 9 AM, Colegio Interamericano gives an informative tour throughout the campus for interested families. If you are interested in this tour, please call the Admissions Office, leave your name, the ages of your children, and your contact information. We will let the entrance gate know you will be visiting us.

We thank you for choosing Colegio Interamericano for your children’s education!