Objectives of the School

At Colegio Interamericano we strive to:

  1. Develop self reliance and self respect among its students and staff;
  2. Help students develop the skills and tools necessary for intellectual discipline;
  3. Provide opportunities for students to make informed decisions;
  4. Provide a curriculum that enables students to speak, read, and write with fluency in Spanish and English;
  5. Provide an environment that allows students to develop a sense of responsibility, honesty, and integrity;
  6. Provide opportunities for students to develop healthy bodies and social skills;
  7. Help and support students in developing moral and ethical values;
  8. Provide opportunities to allow students to develop a civic understanding;
  9. Provide students with a diverse, articulated, and integrated curriculum;
  10. Develop within students an understanding and commitment to protect the finite resources of our natural environment;
  11. Provide an environment that encourages, values, and supports teachers, administration, and staff to grow continually as professionals and as individuals;
  12. Foster parent awareness and support concerning students’ intellectual, emotional, and moral development.

Statement of Philosophy

At Colegio Interamericano we believe that:

  1. A quality education contributes to the emotional, physical, and social development of the child.
  2. Innovation, flexibility, and continuous improvement should be tools used in meeting the challenges presented by change.
  3. On-going communications with parents is necessary for sharing information regarding student success and school news.
  4. Fluency in Spanish and English must be an integral part of our curriculum planning and student expectations.
  5. Integrity, honesty, respect, and responsible behavior are fundamental in all that our students do.
  6. Respect for our differences should be modeled and expected among students and staff.
  7. Learning is a lifelong process in which our school plays a fundamental role.
  8. All students deserve the opportunity to reach their intellectual and creative potential.
  9. All children are able to learn to experience success.
  10. Learning happens best when students are able to understand the relationships between their subjects, and to relate learning to their lives.
  11. Students learn best in a positive, safe, and caring learning environment.