Technical Statistics and Pictures

Pictures of the Beast

The Bio-Beast

We would like to thank the team of Delphi and Pontiac Central High School for their pictures.






Technical Specifications

The Beast just barely fits within the 3' by 3' by 4' limit set by the Competition Rules. At full vertical extension, the top of the tower is about 10 feet tall. With the wrist joint fully flexed, the tip of our grippers ar over 14 feet tall.

At inspection we weighed in at 119.8 pounds. One of the engineering problems we encountered (as did many teams) is being able to make our robot as stable as possible. The combination of a steel frame, aluminum tower and wrist, grippers with an aluminum skin and Rohacell core, and a well positioned counterbalace gave the Beast a large degree of stability for the competition.

Our robot has the ability to shift the drive motors from low speed/high power to high speed/low power. This gives us the versatility to be both offensive and defensive.

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