The Team

You may be asking yourself, who are the Bio-Beasts? Well, I hope that these web pages help to clear that up.

We have a couple pictures of the team and the robot.

The Bio-Beasts are a team made up of people from Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Johnsburg High School, and Northwestern University. This is the second year in a row that Baxter and Johnsburg are teamed up in the FIRST Competition. This year the decision was made to ask Northwestern University for their involvement.

The team is made up of: 10 Baxter Engineers plus several technicians
26 High School students and 7 teachers
4 Northwestern University graduate engineering students

This year's competition includes, for the first time, 3 regional competitions held around the country. The first will be the Motorola Midwest Regional held at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois between March 6 and 8. More than 35 teams will be represented at this competition.

In addition, there will be regional competitions in Manchester, New Hampshire and New Brunswick, New Jersey the following two weeks.

The final competition is the National Competition and will he held April 10th through 12th at Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida.

On behalf of the Bio-Beasts, we would like to wish all of the other teams luck in their competitions. For those not involved, we hope to see you ring-side.


Now available, Tom Burris' Picture of the Week starring:

Midwest Regional
AwardBest Offensive Round

National Competition
AwardMost Creative Engineering

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