Baxter Healthcare Corporation

This is the 2nd year in a row that Baxter Heathcare in Round Lake, Illinois is involved with the FIRST competition. This year they find themselves teamed up with the winning combination of Johnsburg High School and Northwestern University.

Baxter's Team:

Brian Adamkiewicz Keith Anderson
Mark Bellotti Dave Brown
Walt Carpenter Mohammad Chaudary
John Darvasi Norm Fischer
Michaelene Freeman Bob Gliniecki
Ross Goodwin John Graves
JoAnn Hajdrowski Kim Hansford
Jerry Heywood Bob Ignatov
Joe Kilberger Frank Knuth
Bob Krueger Tom Marbach
Jim Martuci Mike McEvoy
Robin Peters Tom Rogge
Greg Salzman Mike Scharf
Ed Stoner Jeanne Studtmann
Jim Summers Bob Webber
John Wojtkiewicz

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